The group was formed early 2005 after a group of friends stumbled upon their mutual love for music. While in college and focusing on individual career goals, the trio’s plans were re-directed after receiving confirmation that music was the will of God for their lives. Unaware of the future and knowing the sacrifices that lied ahead, Minor Prophets pushed pause on their personal goals and became adamant about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

Lovers of music and lovers of Christ is the best way to describe this emerging South Florida duo. Although classified as Urban Gospel, Minor Prophets draw inspiration from CCM, Reggae, Dance and R&B to create a sound they like to call “Urban Soul that Inspires.”

Music Video for Procrastination_Minor Prophets

On a search for an alias, they were pitched the name “Minor Prophets” from a local pastor and friend to one of the band members. Inspired by the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament, the alias stands for; individuals chosen by God to speak on his behalf. “When we first heard the name Minor Prophets, we thought it was very interesting but we didn’t fully understand the meaning until we realized that it defined who we were and brought purpose to our music. We allowed God’s will to be a major aspect in our lives, as our personal goals took the minor.” Surprisingly in a group of three individuals with three different styles, we never debated over the name or discussed changing it… “It just felt right.”

After 3 years of study and preparation, Minor Prophets felt that they ready! Unfortunately during that time of preparation and growth, the group grew apart and in 2008 they separated. Still remaining close friends, the trio turned duo, decided that the separation was necessary in order for the advancement of their ministries.

Still grieved about the sudden change in the group, Bobby G and Lady K stayed focused. They became newly motivated and decided to start from scratch with the support of their friends, family and former band member. This time, what took the group three years to complete, with the strength and favor of God, took less than a year. Minor Prophets found themselves surrounded and collaborating with artists and musicians with the same vision and drive.

Now out of the box and on the shelf, Minor Prophets is ready to share their faith through music.